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What I Wish I Knew At Age 16

Here's everything everyone wish they knew at the age of 16. If it's good advice, hit the upvote button. The number next to it indicates the age the author wrote it at. Feel like there's something missing? Add a new message!

Hey 16 year old, if you don't have sex before you are way older that's ok!
Hey 16 year old, No one will ask what your grades were in high school after college. No one cares about college after your first job. There is no permanent record. You can always reinvent yourself.
Hey 16 year old, it is okay to cut toxic people out of your life.
Hey 16 year old, relationships at this age come and go, it's not the end of the world, even if it may feel like it is. You will be okay and much better fish will swim your way.
Hey 16 year old, you're never too cool to spend time with family
Hey 16 year old, If you’re not studying then study - these are your best years. Enjoy the good times but makes sure you’re preparing for the future :)
Hey 16 year old, Your vagina is normal.
Hey 16 year old, No one ever died of embarrassment. Ask her out. If she says “no,” be polite and move on. Dating is a numbers game: there is someone for everyone. Don’t be afraid of rejection. It happens all the time.
Hey 16 year old, Don't worry too much about your future. You're still so, so young. Do what makes you happy and see where life takes you. Very few people in their mid-twenties are doing exactly what they wanted to when they were your age, but they're still happy.
Hey 16 year old, If you know you're good at something, pursue that skill for all its worth. Don't be told who you are, show us.
Hey 16 year old, you don't have to say something at every turn of the conversation. Others appreciate good listening.
Hey 16 year old, Drinking doesn’t make you cooler. Drugs don’t make you more interesting. Drinking seems to make it easier to talk to people by lowering your inhibitions. Learn to socialize without alcohol.
Hey 16 year old, Enough selfies so turn that lens around to take pictures of things and people that truly matter.
Hey 16 year old, Work hard now, at whatever you are good at. It'll make your life in the future far easier and far better.
Hey 16 year old, Learn to say no politely and quickly. Don’t use time or words carelessly.
Hey 16 year old, Someday you won't remember the pain you thought would never go away
Hey 16 year old, If the special person you're interested in isn't interested in you, they're not all that special. Find someone who is interested in you and given them a chance. You may realize you actually like them. You may not. But please just move on.
Hey 16 year old, don't chase the money, cars and clothes - they're all liabilities. Chase your dreams and the lifestyle you want for yourself.
Hey 16 year old, You don’t have to fit in .
Hey 16 year old, Start Investing, be it little savings or funds, because compounding is magic.
Hey 16 year old, get involved as much as you possibly can, join an extra curricular club
Hey 16 year old, Women are not the most important thing in life. Enjoy your life!
Hey 16 year old, Hey don’t wish to grow up so fast
Hey 16 year old, Don't take highschool for granted, classes are always a drag but the connections you build in highschool will set you up for after.
Hey 16 year old, you don't need a nice car, any car puts you a foot above everyone else
Hey 16 year old, If it's possible to get a job or volunteer in an office, do it. Getting office experience will only help you get better jobs as you get older.
Hey 16 year old, Don’t pay attention to all these fuckwads who think they know how you should live your life. The adult world seems stupid and cruel- because it is. We’ve all gotten used to it but you should stay angry.
Hey 16 year old, Don't mess with your hair TOO much. What is destroyed now won't recover as much as you think in the next 5 years.
Hey 16 year old, Keep being weird and yourself. That's an early-life symptom of later-life statistically "weird" success.
Hey 16 year old, Cultivate friendships with people who look and think differently than you do.