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What I Wish I Knew At Age 18

Here's everything everyone wish they knew at the age of 18. If it's good advice, hit the upvote button. The number next to it indicates the age the author wrote it at. Feel like there's something missing? Add a new message!

Hey 18 year old, You are probably starting to choose where (or if) you will complete your post-secondary education. Don't feel pressured to go the same route all your peers or family traditionally take. Take the time to figure out what is really right for you.
Hey 18 year old, university/college is a nerve wracking time but don't worry, everything will be okay. Put yourself out there, be yourself, try new activities. People are worrying about themselves, not focused on you, trust me. Good luck. Xo
Hey 18 year old, try not to run instead of walk. Good things take time.
Hey 18 year old, don't be afraid to fail. Failing teaches you the lessons that really matter in life.
Hey 18 year old, spend time with your grandparents whenever you can. They won't be around forever so don't take them for granted. You will learn so much from their wisdom and experiences.
Hey 18 year old, cut out people who think you are worthless. The people who matter will see your true worth and appreciate you.
Hey 18 year old, stop speeding, it only saves you a few minutes but puts you at a much greater risk
Hey 18 year old, Never turn down pizza
Hey 18 year old, You don't have to have it all figured out yet. Take your time and things will fall into place eventually.
Hey 18 year old, start investing in a retirement savings plan now
Hey 18 year old, start going to the gym when you get a chance. It's easier now than it ever will be.