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What I Wish I Knew At Age 24

Here's everything everyone wish they knew at the age of 24. If it's good advice, hit the upvote button. The number next to it indicates the age the author wrote it at. Feel like there's something missing? Add a new message!

Hey 24 year old, spend less on things and more on experiences.
Hey 24 year old, just keep faking it until you make it. Trust me
Hey 24 year old, you need systems not goals!
Hey 24 year old, start taking better care of your teeth
Hey 24 year old, watching netflix isn't a hobby
Hey 24 year old, "Writing is therapy you don't have to pay for" is cute advice, but you should do actual therapy. It'll help you to get unstuck in so many ways and, ironically, will probably enable the creative work you value but never finish.
Hey 24 year old, Get a great job
Hey 24 year old, Travel more. Explore new counties and new cities and new cultures. You'll have a different outlook at life.
Hey 24 year old, you cannot know everything by studying or from cold, hard logic. There are important intuitions and ways of thinking that you can only learn from repeated experiences. Listen to those older or different from you: even if you feel smarter than them.
Hey 24 year old, When looking for a job remember it's not all about money, you'll spend a lot of time there, so try to find one were you can feel motivated and with growing opportunities
Hey 24 year old, Make your own picture as you want to see yourself in the dream
Hey 24 year old, Consider paying a little more for things to get a better quality product. Don't cheap out on the important stuff.
Hey 24 year old, As dúvidas vão sumir nos próximos anos. Tente mais, arrisque, esse é o momento!