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What I Wish I Knew At Age 31

Here's everything everyone wish they knew at the age of 31. If it's good advice, hit the upvote button. The number next to it indicates the age the author wrote it at. Feel like there's something missing? Add a new message!

Hey 31 year old, don't be loyal to an employer that's not loyal to you.
Hey 31 year old, Family is everything
Hey 31 year old, don't take your life too seriously. It's too short to stress out about things.
Hey 31 year old, Stop focussing on the newest toys and ideas when it comes to work and life - look for the tried and tested things. Digital marketing is just marketing but everyone is trying to reinvent what was figured out decades ago.
Hey 31 year old, Shakespeare is more fun now than it was when you were required to read it as a kid. Don't take my word for it though; find out for yourself.