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What I Wish I Knew At Age 33

Here's everything everyone wish they knew at the age of 33. If it's good advice, hit the upvote button. The number next to it indicates the age the author wrote it at. Feel like there's something missing? Add a new message!

Hey 33 year old, find the strength to cut negative people out of your life. It's not worth it.
Hey 33 year old, Develop a hobby; one that will last you a lifetime. You wont be bored when you have spare time on your hands as you get older.
Hey 33 year old, Go to therapy if you haven't yet!
Hey 33 year old, Single women - ignore the people that put pressure on you to settle down. Your life up to this point will probably have taught you some important truths, so keep discovering yourself before you set out to discover someone else.
Hey 33 year old, Try to focus your time and energy on what/ who you have in your life versus what/ who you don't have.
Hey 33 year old, If your parents are still alive: all your mother. She loves you and she worries. And read the first sentence again. Don’t get worked up, but they won’t be here forever.
Hey 33 year old, Should I get remarried
Hey 33 year old, The people you love are more important than your career - spend your time wisely
Hey 33 year old, You can go back to school at any age, but try not to wait until you are in your 30s.
Hey 33 year old, Hustle until you no longer have to introduce yourself
Hey 33 year old, Don’t apply to work on cruise ships!!
Hey 33 year old, Every decision you make will shape your life somtimes in more profound ways than you can ever imagine.