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What I Wish I Knew At Age 13

Here's everything everyone wish they knew at the age of 13. If it's good advice, hit the upvote button. The number next to it indicates the age the author wrote it at. Feel like there's something missing? Add a new message!

Hey 13 year old, being popular isn't important, like at all. It's way better to have good friends who you can trust and have fun with. If you focus too much on popularity, you'll miss opportunities to make long-lasting friendships.
Hey 13 year old, Choose an instrument to learn how to play and practice, practice, practice! Never stop!
Hey 13 year old, your bullies will dissappear from your life sooner than you think
Hey 13 year old, learn another language. If you start now, it's incredibly easy
Hey 13 year old, Obey that inner voice of wisdom telling you what to stay away from; no matter how faint or subtle. In the end, you will realize it was right every time.
Hey 13 year old, Take the time to think about what you really love doing and how you could make it your full-time passion, NOW. Not knowing right away is fine, but use your teens to develop your interest and get experience in them, it'll be invaluable in the future.
Hey 13 year old, Be Bold! At your age, many are scared. The best thing you can do is to be open and push yourself socially. Even if you do find yourself embarassed, remember that you are not the only one.
Hey 13 year old, You don't need a boyfriend/girl friend to be cool. wait until you get into high school and make sure you don't just jump right in, and always be you never let anyone change you.
Hey 13 year old, Don't gossip. It hurts people and doesnt make you look any better
Hey 13 year old, dreaming is okay, dream big and believe in your dreams
Hey 13 year old, From this point until you are on your own is the easiest time to save money!
Hey 13 year old, Not everyone is staring at you. Don’t be so self conscious. Most kids your age are thinking about themselves and what everyone thinks of them. They ain’t looking at you.
Hey 13 year old, its okay not to be cool in school , study a lot and make a one best friend rather than thousand friends
Hey 13 year old, learn to make fun of yourself before anyone else can & no one will ever be able to bully you.
Hey 13 year old, Start learning a language! Before its too late.
Hey 13 year old, Stop worrying about all the shit happening so much, just focus on the roof and listen to Lo-Fi, trust me, you'll feel better.
Hey 13 year old, don't stop learning how to play piano
Hey 13 year old, Don't worry about what people think about you. The truth is they don't think about you that much, they are too busy thinking about themselves.
Hey 13 year old, reflect on how you've done, where you are right now and how you want to proceed. Nothing too formal or rigid, but living consciously will transform you manifold for the better and make the years ahead all that better :)
Hey 13 year old, Everyone gets made fun of in middle school, and when you look back you’ll be more embarrassed of what you tried to change about yourself than you are of whatever someone doesn’t like about you.
Hey 13 year old, Hard times shall pass, and end of the day loving yourself is what matters.
Hey 13 year old, Learn how to talk to people, so you can make better friends. Small talk is a useful bonding ritual - ask people how they're doing, remember things they're excited/worried about. And once you're comfortable, talk about bigger things. Feel less alone.
Hey 13 year old, If you want to be a author then do it! Don't worry about what other think of you because in the end it doesn't matter, what matters is that you're happy with what /where you're going. Don't rush into things such as relationships.
Hey 13 year old, Don’t get caught up in schoolwork. Make time to take up new hobbies and nurture your talents. It is not too late and it is never too early.
Hey 13 year old, Explore! You don't have much responsibilities now so begin exploring.
Hey 13 year old, I know there's that one thing you wanna do REALLY badly, but your scared if you do it, everyone would have been doing it for ages and you'll be shit. Just do it.
Hey 13 year old, Don’t be concerned with what others say or think of you. Be yourself. Real friends will appreciate you for you, others simply aren’t worth it.
Hey 13 year old, Life sometimes feels unfair, but the best of your life is still ahead! Don't be too hard on your parents, they have more life experience than you can imagine and only want to share it with you.
Hey 13 year old, learn from your mistakes, but also learn from others’ mistakes.
Hey 13 year old, if you are afraid of disappointing your mother, DON’T. She will love you no matter what! If you feel like you are making a mistake, don't be scared to ask her for advice;-)