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What I Wish I Knew At 24

Ever wanted to send a message to your past self? What would you do if you woke up and the last ten years had been a dream? Would you change anything, do something differently?

Hello From The Future is a project that allows you to read messages from people that they wish they had at your age.

The Concept

  1. Sign up with your birthday
  2. Pick a target age
  3. Post a short message you want someone at that age to know.
  4. Browse advice for your age and upvote the helpful ones for others to see.

Recent Advice From The Future

Select an age to see advice intended for it. You can also see the age of the author who posted it.

Hey 24 year old, this is a message from a 27 year old. Stay cool 😎
Hey 22 year old, if you're spending all your time working for someone else, you're not building your dreams.
Hey 18 year old, start going to the gym when you get a chance. It's easier now than it ever will be.
Hey 24 year old, spend less on things and more on experiences.

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